To all the mamas trying to parent with social anxiety, I see you.

It’s nice to have help raising your kids but what happens when you feel like the “village” is criticizing your every waking move? It’s no longer simply about being a good parent and there’s certain ways to do everything right but only under certain circumstances otherwise those same ways are wrong.

When you’re a people pleaser on top of it all you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to parent the way you see best while still trying to satisfy everyone else around you and hope and pray that nobody catches you in a moment of weakness and judges you. God forbid they judge you.

If you have the slightest anxiety about making small talk with the cashier in the checkout line to begin with, you add kids to the mix and you find yourself throwing your items up on the belt as quickly as you can in hopes you can make it through this awkward exchange with minimal challenges.

Then it happens… the cashier makes one of those remarks you hoped you’d never have to encounter.

“A Moana fishing pole? Isn’t that a little girly for him?”

As if parenting in public with social anxiety isn’t uncomfortable enough as it is. This is the part where you go into “mama bear” mode.

Quick! Think of something to say! Be cocky, but not too cocky, also be witty. You have people behind you listening, you don’t want to sound agitated. That’s what the cashier wants. They want to defeat you. Destroy them!!

Suddenly, with copastetic composure and a smirk,

“That’s the one he wanted. Have a great day.”

Nailed it!

Now time to go to the car and cry about it a little because you feel like the world is against you and your baby. But also a moment for celebration because you handled it wonderfully mama!

I think it comes with age and experience, but, I’m finding that as time goes past it’s getting easier and easier to not care what other people think. At the end of the day my child is loved, he’s respected, he’s kind and caring, I’m doing just fine.

Others are always going to criticize your style of doing things because it’s a direct representation of their own character. They’re seeing life through a very narrow lens, one that is constructed with their own experiences and beliefs in mind. In the end, none of that matters to you or your child.

So, be you and let them be them and keep on nailing it mama!