A year ago this secret was nowhere to be found. Today, it’s everywhere I look. It’s talked about in all of the self-help books I’ve been reading, it’s on documentaries, it’s on blog posts. I always believed that when I finally learned the secret, if there even was just one, I would have everything I needed to be happy and successful in my life. It turns out that simply possessing the knowledge of the secret is only half the battle. The other half is something that many people struggle with and is likely the reason that people give up before they reach their personal success. What is the secret?

The Law of Attraction is a gift from the universe that says, “you are asking for this, so it will be given to you.” It takes much of the first part of our lives to learn that things just don’t come that easy and if it sounds really great but requires minimal effort or money then a catch is somewhere around the corner. We’ve been conditioned to believe that if it sounds too good to actually be true, it is in fact just that. So, the idea that I can ask the Universe for something like wealth or success and receive it sounds preposterous in the very least. It turns out there is effort involved, and it doesn’t cost anything. However, the “catch” if you want to call it that, is that you must BELIEVE that you can have what you desire. Not just think about it, but truly, deeply, in every sense of the word — BELIEVE. This requires a person to do something that most have not been able to master and that is to think, breathe and act on positive thoughts.

In a documentary I watched on the Law of Attraction it says that what you think about will become your reality. This goes both for positive and negative thoughts. Simply reaffirming to yourself that you “do not want to be in debt” will not lift you out of debt because your thoughts are still circling around that ugly “D” word. Instead, you must rearrange your thoughts to “I will have financial stability” and live your life with this idea as if it is already a fact. This is the challenging part of implementing the Law of Attraction because believing and having confidence in ourselves are two of the most complicated tasks to master.

Still sound too magical to be true? Think of it this way… when there is something in your life that you completely stand behind, you invest everything you have into it. Your kids, your career, your hobbies, whatever it may be. Think of how much time and energy you give to these things and imagine if someone were to try to rip them away from you. You would fight for them, tooth and nail. What if you placed something like your fitness, your success in your business or your financial stability, or any other dream you may have, into such a position of priority? Day in and day out your thoughts and actions would revolve around the success and sustenance of these things. This is why the Law of Attraction can work.

What you desire = what you think about = what you do = what you receive.

If it’s happiness that you seek, or advancement in your career, an abundance of love, improved health, wealth, a new car, or something different… you must believe you can have this. The word I hear over and over again in regards to the Law of Attraction is “manifestation”. If you have the courage to ask the Universe for something, it will manifest this gift for you. The idea that this is possible may seem impalpable at first, but I challenge you to look at it from the other side.

Do you know someone who is always miserable?

This person seems to never be able to catch a break, each day completely destroys them. They seem to radiate nothing but negative and heavy energy. Nothing could ever go right for such a person. I knew someone like this. I used to believe they truly had the worst luck in the world and how fortunate I felt to not have caught their terrible streak of never-ending damnation. It didn’t take long to realize that they ask the Universe for this, whether they realize it or not. When your mind is consumed with thoughts that revolve around a bad day, you will have a bad life. If you wake up in the morning with thoughts like, “My car probably won’t start today”, “I’m sure my boyfriend will tick me off sometime today”, “People are going to be a-holes again today”… guess what? Those things will probably happen. You’re expecting it, you’re putting that energy out there, you’re asking for it.

The idea that we must have the confidence and courage to alter our previously negative mindsets paired with the fact that most people quit JUST before they are about to hit success… it’s no wonder we feel as though the odds are stacked against us. I once read that when you fail the greatest you’ve ever failed and feel as though you’ve hit a brick wall, what you dream of is just beyond that a little further. If you push just one more step forward. Yet this is the part where we turn around and walk away because we’ve hit such resistance. I’ll be honest, I haven’t pushed through that wall myself because I, like many others, usually give up at that point. It makes sense if you view it from the perspective that a guarded treasure has the most security within close proximity of it.

Body guards hover over who they are protecting. Glass cases surround prized possessions in museums. You get the idea don’t you? Everything you want is right beyond that wall of security. It seems silly when I imagine a pirate journeying across the ocean for months, destroying ships, braving large storms, only to turn around and go home once he reaches the island that holds the treasure chest.

I’m also new on this journey of implementing the Law of Attraction into my life and I will be the first to admit that changing your entire mindset is not easy. Good things never are “easy” but they sure are worth it. I have things that I am asking the Universe for that I would never have dreamed were possible for me. I have faith that once I can master the idea of believing I can have whatever it is that I truly desire, I will begin to receive these incredible gifts. I want to be my own boss, I want to be successful while doing what I’m passionate about. I want to be a strong, confident woman. I can envision what this looks like and it will be mine. Imagine your perfect morning. What are you doing? What are you wearing? Where are you waking up? You CAN have that. Ask for it. We’ll do this together.

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